MULTAQA has operated continuously in Iraq since 2014 supporting Investments and government contracts for all Engineering sections, and international staff has been provided for construction and management services at the last 9 years projects throughout Iraq, including re habitation exiting buildings and new buildings, with a total construction value exceeding $35M USD and a total Iraqi Engineer headcount exceeding 160 personnel at our highpoint for the last 9 years

Our engineering services focus on diagnosing, characterizing, and innovatively assessing problems, evaluating alternatives, and developing and implementing solutions. As the largest onsite engineering workforce in Iraq we provided construction management services. Our proven management processes, effective communication, andadvancedqualityassurancemethodsprovideenhanced value to our client’s. Our multi- discipline specialists work across the globe on a variety of technically demanding projects, often in dangerous geographical locations. This turnkey management concept is what differentiates MULTAQA and sets the stage for unparalleled value to our.

We employ highly skilled Iraqi engineers with advanced degrees in engineering and related fields who possess decades of experience working on projects inside Iraq, Many of our staff have worked directly on US Government facilities and UK embassy in Iraq and bases in the country and corps of engineers for US government

MULTAQA employs staff are consultants worldwide, These include civil, chemical mechanical, electrical, structural engineers, architects, chemists, biochemists, geochemists, geologists, hydrogeologists, archaeologists, hydrologists, biologists environmental scientists, air and waste contaminant transport modelers, mathematicians, physicists, meteorologists, unexploded ordnance specialists, health and safety, construction management professionals, our highly skilled and experienced teams allow MULTAQA to offer our clients a single source for all of their environmental, engineering, construction, and professional service needs